How to find great online English language courses


Online English language courses are a great alternative to travelling abroad and physically attending an English language school. Some students choose to adopt this approach before they attend a school in another country.

By choosing to study an online English language course, you will learn in classes delivered over the internet using a dedicated learning management system (LMS) chosen by your school.

An online course with a quality language school is a great way to start your English language journey even during the worldwide pandemic.  Why should you choose an online English language course right now?

Right now, it is very difficult for students to travel for English language learning. However, there is no reason why you should not start (or continue) your English language learning online.

Lots of students who want and need to learn English choose online courses before they travel abroad on dedicated study abroad programmes. As a result, many top-quality language schools have been teaching online even before COVID-19 temporarily prevented people from travelling.

10 reasons to take online English language course

1 – Cost effective

Online English language courses provided by well-established language schools can be a very cost-effective way to start learning English.

Many language schools are offering excellent special offers for courses during the current worldwide pandemic. There are some free courses online, but courses provided by actual language schools can be a better option.

2 – Boost self confidence

An online English course is an excellent way for students to build self-confidence generally and in using the English language.

Online language learning often later leads to students taking a further next step and actually travelling abroad for an English language course in one of the many English-speaking countries around the world. That ultimately creates lasting life memories and new friendships during a life-changing English-language study abroad program.

3 – Quick progression

Students who successfully complete an online English language course will improve their English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills quickly and effectively.

Being able to speak English effectively can make students valuable to potential employers who want individuals who can help their company do business on the international stage and to communicate with the English-speaking world.

4 – University studies

Graduate and Post-Graduate studies at a University in an English-speaking country will definitely require a certain and provable English language speaking level.

Online English language study shows a strong commitment by students who might be applying to an international University in an English-speaking country.

Applicants who can effectively demonstrate the required English language skills, plus clear examples of a personal commitment to further learning will have a stronger application than those who cannot.

University studies

5 – Future career opportunities

With improved English language skills from an online course, students may find a career in the foreign and domestic civil service, in education, advertising or publishing. They will be able to work for any company that has an international office or deals with international clients.

Studies show that between 40-50% of online English language learners see an increase in career development and a better salary as a result of the new language skills and self-confidence.

6 – Study flexibility

An online English language course will mean students can learn when they want, where they want and as quickly as they want. This means online English learning can easily fit into regular daily activities such as current work commitments.

Language schools across the globe can provide English language courses from various time zones. You can always find an English course online to fit in to your daily commitments.

7 – Self-confidence

Learning the English language builds self-confidence and opens up opportunities to converse with millions of people across the world. Students who perhaps lack self-confidence and are not ready to travel abroad for English studies, can find that an online English course is the remedy.

Many students who take foreign study abroad programmes started the journey with online tuition. These courses can make physical study in classrooms seem very familiar.

8 – Quality teaching

Qualified teachers are all working online during the pandemic. They will make sure all students feel comfortable in the online learning environment, be very welcoming and support all students throughout their English language lessons. This will definitely make it far easier for students to learn and then go on to study English abroad.

English Language schools that have physical premises will use the very same teaching staff for online English courses. This means that they will bring years of classroom experience online to provide effective remote learning.

Quality Teaching

9 – Study Focus

In busy classrooms in international English language schools there can be distractions. Online English study in comfortable and familiar surroundings helps students to focus on their studies. This is a great aspect if a student is starting on a long-term English language learning journey.

Knowing a set time when you need to study online can make you focus. Lessons are short and so being on time and prepared will become second nature.

10 – Online Courses are FUN!

Why not enjoy the English language learning experience? The pandemic has made everyone realise the benefits (personally & professionally) of online social interaction.

Online English language studies can be really interactive and enjoyable. Take a look on Facebook and you will see lots of smiling student faces on learning systems like Zoom or Google Hangouts.

You may be considering an English language course for the very first time. Or you may have intended to travel for an English language programme broad in 2020 but have been prevented from doing so by the global pandemic.

If this is the case, then why not enrol on a quality online English language course.  This can be your first step to a life-changing study programme.

Online courses are fun

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Their dynamic teaching staff also provide online English language courses.

Why not start your English language learning journey online at Londinium?

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