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Learn English

Learn English: The best decision you will ever make

It is estimated that over 1.5 billion people learn English worldwide, and 750 million of these learn English for business or just to allow them to speak English when travelling.

So why do so many people look to travel abroad and learn English?

Learning English opens doors from a personal and business point of view. It can allow you to make new friendships, help you fall in love, broaden your mind, and make you better understand the world we live in.

There are many reasons to learn English. Take a look here and see which ones mean something to you.

10 Reasons to Learn English:

1. Learning English can be simple

With many people across the world learning English, there are teachers who have been working at this as a career for many years. These specialist English language teachers completed dedicated training, and became very effective at making many different learners get the very best from learning English and to help them progress as quickly as possible.

It can be true that the English language can have similarities to other languages making learning English easier. An example is German which is actually very close to English, or in French which has influenced the English language over history.

Many foreign English language learners come from countries where their language is very different to English (think Japanese or Arabic?). Learning English can be scary for some students but the sheer number of students learning English means that there are educators, teachers and importantly learning materials available that can make the process fun and also rewarding.

You can find lots of free online resources to get you started even before you travel to somewhere like the UK for your English language course.

2. Learning English can help your work prospects

Are you looking to move to the international department at your company? Are you hoping to or required to do lots of travel to English-speaking countries? Or maybe you need to learn English just to get a new job and take your life in a new direction. People learn English for business purposes all the time and general English classes will always help with business communication and your confidence to do business with English speakers.

English has always been the common language spoken by businesses from different countries. Many big companies look at CVs for English language skills when hiring new employees.

The world continues to become more global every year and use English as a common language for business discussions. People from different countries often use English as a common language for them to communicate with to one another. Imagine someone from South Africa (who speaks English and Afrikaans) meets at a business event with someone from The Netherlands (who speaks Dutch and English). They will speak English, and business in the world continues to be internationalized with many companies having multiple HQs in many different countries.

Business presentation in English

3. Learn English and you will learn more than a language

It is a fact that learning a second language is great exercise for your brain, but you can also use the new skills when you learn English to impact your life in many other ways.

If you travel for an English language course in somewhere like London in the United Kingdom you will find that the immersion will help your English learning but that you will also learn a lot about a new country, the culture and the population who live there.

You will also be able to read classic literature in English and watch the latest Hollywood movies without needing to read the subtitles.

4. Travel the World

If you learn English you will immediately be more comfortable in countries all over the world. From Australia to Canada, you will be able to get more from the experience of visiting these English-speaking countries and being able to navigate the towns and cities and converse with locals to find out the best places to visit and the best things to see and do.

Having English skills will also mean you earn respect from the local populations. They wonder at the ability of foreign students as many people in these countries have never learnt a foreign language themselves and nearly all of them regret this fact.


5. Use the Global Language to Improve the World

Historically, countries like the United States or Great Britain have had a major impact in many corners of our world. Some have been good and some have not been so good. English spread through countries invading others, religious missions and slavery.

Of course, we are still recovering from the bad things that have happened in history but language learning can make a great impact on how we all move forward together, communicate better, share ideas and build a better understanding between us.

6. Expand Your Cultural Knowledge

If you learn English in somewhere like the UK or Australia, you will inevitably learn unique things about British or Aussie culture and develop a great understanding of the people who come from these English-speaking countries.

This kind of knowledge doesn’t come from a 2-week family vacation. Understanding common customs, common things to do or things not to do, will mean you have an excellent knowledge about somewhere other than your own place of birth.

From food, to art…from customs to sports, this will also make you even more aware of what your own country has to offer the world. When living abroad you will also educate the locals about your own nationality and customs.

7. Make Lifelong Friends

English will immediately increase your potential to make friends or find your perfect partner! Many marriages have started in the classrooms of English language schools!

Social media sites or dating sites where you can use English will make it easier for you to find people with similar interests.

When you learn English in somewhere like London, you will meet new friends in class and while you are relaxing in language school common rooms or cafes. All good language schools will offer an exciting social programme which provides English language students with great social opportunities to meet people from all over the world.

Many schools will have over 60-70 nationalities and so you will make friends from many continents.

8. English – Language of Industry

Many industries predominantly use the English language. English is the language of media, the aviation industry and the Internet. Choosing to learn English will improve your career options and open up the world to you for both professional and personal development.

9. Access to great Universities

Many Universities will require certain levels of English. If your dream is to attend a University in the USA or England, then taking an English course to learn English to a certain level could set your life on a new and exciting path.

University student

10. Build Self-Confidence

Shy students who make the brave step to learn English abroad often report that they come home far more confident. The process of getting used to a new environment, navigating local customs and daily living will often mean students feel a great sense of achievement.

Add to that the fact that you will also learn English and the experience has the potential to be life-changing.

Learning a new language takes hard work and dedication. Foreign students who learn English will automatically get respect from English speakers, many of whom have not yet managed to master a foreign language themselves.

With so many reasons to learn English described above, why not consider a course with Londinium School of English.

Facts about London, UK

Facts about the London that might surprise you

There are so many amazing and interesting countries where you can study the English language, so it can be difficult to choose the perfect destination for you to embark on your study abroad experience.

If you are considering learning English abroad then there are 9 established countries popular for English courses.

One of the most chosen is the United Kingdom (UK) and England as part of the union. The capital city of London is probably the most famous city on planet Earth and England is of course the home of the English language.

This amazing, multi-cultural and culturally diverse capital city has so much to offer international travellers. Over 20 million tourists visited London in 2018! 

From the unique British culture to the iconic attractions (many of which are free), it is no surprise that international students from all around the world select London for their English language course.

Although London is one of the most well-known cities in the world, there are still some interesting facts that might surprise you.

Learn some interesting facts about London before you book your English course

Big Ben

  • Big Ben arguably London’s most famous landmark is actually the name of the clock within the iconic tower next to the Houses of Parliament and not the whole tower itself.

Ravens in the Tower of London

  • 6 ravens (large black birds) permanently live in the Tower of London and receive 24/7 care. Birds are protected by royal decree, get fed raw meat twice a day, have names and lineage.
Ravens in the Tower of London

The Tube with boats?

  • When the world famous London Underground (or ‘The Tube’ as it is known locally) was first proposed, the engineers suggested filling the tunnels with water and using barges to float people from station to station. There was also a plan to have horses pull carts of people around in the dark. Thankfully they settled on trains.

Baker Street station and its platforms

  • Baker Street tube station has the most platforms of any station in London – 10
English School near Baker Street, London

Languages in London

  • There are around 300 languages spoken in London. That’s more than anywhere else in the world. Although you are going to practice your English it can be enjoyable to hear your own language.

Museums in London

  • The amount of museums in the capital city, London adds to the culture of this city. London boasts over 170 museums, from the stunning British Museum, to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, a Grade II-listed guest house on the famous Baker Street turned into the apartment of Conan Doyle’s famous fictional detective and his friend Doctor Watson.

The Tube escalators

  • On average, the 451 escalators found in London’s Tube stations cover a distance of more than two circumferences of the world each week.
Tube Escalators

Cleopatra’s Needle

  • Cleopatra’s Needle, the Egyptian artefact located on the Victoria Embankment, was erected in 1838. During this time many things were placed underneath, including a map of London, a copy of the Bible, some daily newspapers, a rupee and 12 photographs of the best looking English women of the time.

Parks in London

  • Parks are an important part of London. One of the most famous is Regent’s Park which is very big. The inner circle of the park contains Queen Mary’s Gardens which has more than 30,000 roses of 400 different varieties.
Regent's Park in London

27th most populated city in the world

  • It is estimated that almost 9 million people currently live in London. That makes London the 27th most populated city in the world.

Public transport in London

  • Public transport keeps London moving. Apparently over 1.2 billion people use the London Underground every year which is more than the whole population of India! The most popular train station is Waterloo, which sees over 100 million passengers every year.

The Great Fire in 1666

  • Only 6 people died in the fire of London! The Great Fire in 1666 devastated London, reducing large parts of the city to ruins. However the verified death toll was only six people.

Black Cab driver test

  • In order for a person to become a black cab driver in London, they must complete a tough test called ‘The Knowledge’, which involves memorising every single street in the capital. 

The Millennium Dome

  • The Millennium Dome in Greenwich built for the millennium is so big that it can fit the Great Pyramids of Giza under the roof. The structure is 365m in diameter; and 52m high in the middle; with 12 supporting poles, symbolising days, weeks and months of the year.

Baker Street

  • Baker Street is a street London. It is in a part of London which is called Marylebone. It is famous for the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. He lived at 221B Baker Street.
Learn English near Baker Street, London

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

  • One famous attraction is Madame Tussauds Wax Museum which was founded by French sculptor Marie Tussaud who learned the art from her mother’s employer, Dr. Philippe Curtius, a physician skilled in the art of wax modeling. You can see many famous people ‘in wax’ and take your picture with them. Each subject is invited for a seating to be able to get the right body measurements. 

Have you enjoyed learning some interesting facts about London?

The best way to learn even more is to book your English course and live in the city and experience it yourself. If you make the great decision to learn english in the capital city, London, then make sure to check out what Londinium School of English has to offer. 

The school teaches using the effective Callan Method, which is a fast and effective system focused on speaking the language.

Schools in over 30 different countries use the Callan Method, and it has helped well over a million people around the world to communicate in English effectively and confidently.

A course with Londinium will help your English and allow you to experience everything the city of London has to offer as the school is located on Baker Street in Marylebone (home of Sherlock Holmes).

Online English Language Courses

How to find great online English language courses

Online English language courses are a great alternative to travelling abroad and physically attending an English language school. Some students choose to adopt this approach before they attend a school in another country.

By choosing to study an online English language course, you will learn in classes delivered over the internet using a dedicated learning management system (LMS) chosen by your school.

An online course with a quality language school is a great way to start your English language journey even during the worldwide pandemic.  Why should you choose an online English language course right now?

Right now, it is very difficult for students to travel for English language learning. However, there is no reason why you should not start (or continue) your English language learning online.

Lots of students who want and need to learn English choose online courses before they travel abroad on dedicated study abroad programmes. As a result, many top-quality language schools have been teaching online even before COVID-19 temporarily prevented people from travelling.

10 reasons to take online English language course

1 – Cost effective

Online English language courses provided by well-established language schools can be a very cost-effective way to start learning English.

Many language schools are offering excellent special offers for courses during the current worldwide pandemic. There are some free courses online, but courses provided by actual language schools can be a better option.

2 – Boost self confidence

An online English course is an excellent way for students to build self-confidence generally and in using the English language.

Online language learning often later leads to students taking a further next step and actually travelling abroad for an English language course in one of the many English-speaking countries around the world. That ultimately creates lasting life memories and new friendships during a life-changing English-language study abroad program.

3 – Quick progression

Students who successfully complete an online English language course will improve their English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills quickly and effectively.

Being able to speak English effectively can make students valuable to potential employers who want individuals who can help their company do business on the international stage and to communicate with the English-speaking world.

4 – University studies

Graduate and Post-Graduate studies at a University in an English-speaking country will definitely require a certain and provable English language speaking level.

Online English language study shows a strong commitment by students who might be applying to an international University in an English-speaking country.

Applicants who can effectively demonstrate the required English language skills, plus clear examples of a personal commitment to further learning will have a stronger application than those who cannot.

University studies

5 – Future career opportunities

With improved English language skills from an online course, students may find a career in the foreign and domestic civil service, in education, advertising or publishing. They will be able to work for any company that has an international office or deals with international clients.

Studies show that between 40-50% of online English language learners see an increase in career development and a better salary as a result of the new language skills and self-confidence.

6 – Study flexibility

An online English language course will mean students can learn when they want, where they want and as quickly as they want. This means online English learning can easily fit into regular daily activities such as current work commitments.

Language schools across the globe can provide English language courses from various time zones. You can always find an English course online to fit in to your daily commitments.

7 – Self-confidence

Learning the English language builds self-confidence and opens up opportunities to converse with millions of people across the world. Students who perhaps lack self-confidence and are not ready to travel abroad for English studies, can find that an online English course is the remedy.

Many students who take foreign study abroad programmes started the journey with online tuition. These courses can make physical study in classrooms seem very familiar.

8 – Quality teaching

Qualified teachers are all working online during the pandemic. They will make sure all students feel comfortable in the online learning environment, be very welcoming and support all students throughout their English language lessons. This will definitely make it far easier for students to learn and then go on to study English abroad.

English Language schools that have physical premises will use the very same teaching staff for online English courses. This means that they will bring years of classroom experience online to provide effective remote learning.

Quality Teaching

9 – Study Focus

In busy classrooms in international English language schools there can be distractions. Online English study in comfortable and familiar surroundings helps students to focus on their studies. This is a great aspect if a student is starting on a long-term English language learning journey.

Knowing a set time when you need to study online can make you focus. Lessons are short and so being on time and prepared will become second nature.

10 – Online Courses are FUN!

Why not enjoy the English language learning experience? The pandemic has made everyone realise the benefits (personally & professionally) of online social interaction.

Online English language studies can be really interactive and enjoyable. Take a look on Facebook and you will see lots of smiling student faces on learning systems like Zoom or Google Hangouts.

You may be considering an English language course for the very first time. Or you may have intended to travel for an English language programme broad in 2020 but have been prevented from doing so by the global pandemic.

If this is the case, then why not enrol on a quality online English language course.  This can be your first step to a life-changing study programme.

Online courses are fun

Londinium School of English teaches quality English language courses using the Callan Method in the UK to students from over 30 countries.

Their dynamic teaching staff also provide online English language courses.

Why not start your English language learning journey online at Londinium?

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